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在hg4888皇冠处, we treat every property like it is our own and use every resource available to protect your investment for you. We take great pride in protecting our client’s investments and love to go the extra mile to make our clients raving fans. Some of these extra mile services include: tenant move in and move out videos emailed to owner and tenant, 为业主提供自动电子存款, 全天候在线查看租赁的每一个细节.

Property Management involves a whole lot more than just finding a renter including: marketing, 租户筛选, 租赁, 维护, 比如会计. RDPM knows that failure to execute every one of these steps at the highest level could result in lost profit. That is why we are committed to performing each one of these tasks as if our own home was on the line.



营销是租房子的第一步. We at Red Door recognize the power of technology and employ a vast array of strategies both online and off to get your home rented as quickly as possible. If we are able to rent your home out just 30 – 60 days faster than either doing it yourself or someone with less marketing, you will have already paid for all your property management fees for the year! 我们是这样做的:

  • In depth analysis of comparable rents –We run an in depth analysis to make sure your home is not priced too low or too high.
  • Suggest any improvements to achieve maximum rent – Sometimes a few small improvements can add to the bottom line. We know the market and make suggestions for you to achieve maximum profit.
  • Internet Campaign – We utilize our own vast network of websites along with sharing our listings with hundreds of other local and national websites to get your property the most exposure possible.
  • Print ads – A waning technology, but we still use print ads on a limited basis.
  • MLS - MLS -在MLS名单上的家庭将有额外的曝光1,成千上万的房地产经纪人和他们的客户都能接触到他们. (MLS广告加收费用)
  • Signs – Of course we have signs in the ground and we actually answer our phones and return messages!



Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of property management is 租户筛选. 找到一个租客只是成功的一半. If you end up with someone who doesn’t pay or someone who is going to destroy your property, 你最好不要有人在里面! This is why 租户筛选 is so important and why we spend so much effort making sure the tenant will respect and maintain the property.


仍然担心被驱逐? hg4888皇冠 is the only property management company in the 卡梅尔 region to offer our exclusive 驱逐保护计划 which covers the cost of evictions so our Owners can rest assured they will not be surprised with a costly attorney’s bill should an eviction be necessary.



实际租赁房产似乎很简单, 但要确保您的租约得到妥善处理,还需要许多步骤, 在法律和方式上保护您的资产,包括:


Watch this video to see an example move in / move out video we conduct for every owner at every move in and move out. 我们为顾客付出更多


物业维修 is another would-be headache for potential landlords that we handle on behalf of our clients. Inevitably something is going to break and tenants are going to call in the middle of the night. 作为您的物业经理,我们的工作是为您处理这些细节.


Need repairs done to your home to get it ready for the rental market but don’t have the capital to complete these necessary repairs? hg4888皇冠可以帮上忙! We have developed a new program for home owners who understand that having a marketable property will attract a better tenant faster but just may not the funds immediately available. It is another exclusive to RDPM and we call it our 维修费用推迟计划. It lets you make the needed repairs without paying for it until the home is rented out.

Click here to learn more about our exclusive 维修费用推迟计划.

As you can see we do A LOT for our clients and truly do treat every home as if it was our own. We may not be the cheapest property management company but all you need is one bad experience with a cheap company to wish you had never gone down that road. 如果这一切听起来不错的话, please feel free to call us at or fill out our owners application and someone will get back to you shortly.



卡梅尔是汉密尔顿县的一个郊区城市, 印第安纳州, 美国, 位于印第安纳波利斯的北面. 它是美国发展最快的社区之一. In 2012, 卡梅尔 was selected as the "Best Place to Live in the 美国" by CNN Money magazine, 并得到了利基同样的称号.com在2017年. 人口是79,2010年是191,估计是91,美国人口普查局在2016年发布了065号数据, 使其成为印第安纳州第五大城市.

卡梅尔最初被称为“伯利恒”, 以后一种名义, 是在1837年铺设并镀上的. 最初的定居者主要是贵格会信徒. 今天, 这一阴谋最初是在伯利恒确立的, 位于兰格林道与缅因街的交汇处, 是由钟塔标记的吗, 由当地扶轮社于2002年捐赠. 1846年建立了一个名为“卡梅尔”的邮局. The town of Bethlehem was renamed "卡梅尔" in 1874, at which time it was incorporated. 源从维基百科